RTI Application Procedures

In accordance with Section 18 of the RTI Act, 2019, application for access shall be in writing (including braille or electronic) to the public institutions. Where an applicant cannot make the request in writing due to illiteracy or a disability, the request can be made orally.
Application in writing must satisfy the following:

  • Addressed to the Information Officer of the public institution
  • Contain sufficient description or particulars to enable the information to be identified easily.
  • Indicate the form and manner of access required.
  • State the capacity of the applicant to the satisfaction of the information officer, if the application is made on behalf of another person.
  • State the name of the applicant, an address to which a communication or notice can be sent.
  • Provide identification of the applicant.
  • Signed by the applicant.

Applicants can download the RTI Standard Application Form and submit to the public institution. Click here to download Application Form