Public Education Coordinating

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The participation of the Citizenry in national affairs plays a key role in the development of a nation. In achieving this objective, the importance of information cannot be over emphasized.

The Information Services Department which is the government’s public relations and communication outfit is mandated to play this key role through the provision of public education and sensitization programmes to the citizenry.

At ISD, the Public Education Coordinating Division (PECD) is the implementation wing of the public education function of the Department to achieve this participation within the governance system.

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Our Mandate

The Public Education Coordinating Division of the Department is responsible for the organization, coordinating, implementation and review of public education campaigns to the citizenry on government policies and programmes. This is to enable the citizenry be well informed for effective participation towards good governance and national development..


Core Functions

  • Scout for public education campaigns to be able to identify issues that require public education and solicit for it.
  • Develop proposals and concept notes.
  • Coordination and implementation of public education campaigns with clients.
  • Post campaign evaluations and reviews.
  • Report writing: Reports on campaigns executed for both the Department and clients.
  • Keep records and database of all public education campaigns executed.

Units under PECD

Education and Sensitization Program Development Unit

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The unit is responsible for the development of public education proposals and materials for public education campaigns.

Role: Responsible for the preparation and coordination of campaigns. Function: Responsible for the planning, coordination and development of targeted sensitization and educational programmes and materials for each campaign.

Outreach unit

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The Outreach Unit plays the key role of getting the information to the citizenry through the use of the various channels for public education. Role: To ensure the right information is disseminated to the citizenry. Function: It carries out the implementation of the sensitization and educational programmes developed for the campaign