Our Services

• Makes readily available for use, processed and analysed data on a wide range of issues relevant to government across the 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts.
• Undertakes information management by responding daily to information requests and enquiries from the general public.

Mounts high profile photo exhibitions and produces materials such as banners and photographic panel boards for national events. Also undertakesdecorations of ceremonial places for meetings and other official and private functions.
The Video Unit produces documentaries and other educational audiovisual materials for use in public education campaigns on the Cinema Vans and television.

Create awareness of government policies, programmes and activities through effective
communication strategies:
Mobile Cinema Vans
Video Shows
Social Mobilisation
Information Centres
Community Radio Station

Provides Right To Information Officers to Information Units at Ministries, Departments and Agencies to provide information to the public according to the dictates of the RTI Law

Accredit local and foreign journalists to cover national assignments or any media activity in the country.  download requirement for press accreditation here

Covers national and historical events in still form for archiving.
It maintains a photographic library with photographs on historical developments in the
country that the public can access for a fee.