ISD commences monitoring of state PROs

The Information Services Department (ISD) has commenced this year’s monitoring of state Public Relations Offices (PROs).

The exercise, which began on 3rd October 2022, will be conducted in two phases.

The first phase of the monitoring will involve a panel to access the PROs at the ISD office while the second phase will involve fields visit to the MDAs where the PROs have been posted as well as administering an online questionnaire.

In an address to open the monitoring exercise on Monday, the Acting Chief Information Officer, Mr David Owusu-Amoah, advised the PROs to establish a strong working relationship with their various stakeholders.

“There should be a kind of bridge building amongst your team over there and also with their stakeholders. Team building spirit should be fundamental,” he noted.

“There comes a time, when you go to a place to work as a PRO, the moment you get there you realized that, whatever you want to do some people are already doing it, so the temptation to stay back becomes higher than the otherwise and then when a day of accountability comes, you present what is not yours,” he added.

Mr Owusu-Amoah said over the years, the methods for monitoring PROs have evolved from field visits to a combination of survey methods.

This year, the Public Relations Coordinating Division of ISD is introducing a panel to assess the performance of PROs at the Head Office, where PROs will do a presentation on their performance.

Grace Acheampong, ISD

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