About ISD


The Information Services Department evolved from an organisation established in the later part of 1939 as a branch of the Colonial Government Secretariat dedicated to convey news on the 2nd World War to the people of Gold Coast. This was done through the production of a weekly journal dubbed the “Empire at War”.

After the war, it was renamed the Public Relations Department with an oversight responsibility for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, the Ghana News Agency and the Ghana Film Industry Corporation until they were de-coupled to form separate entities.

In accordance with recommendations made by the Coussey Committee constituted to investigate the 1949 disturbances, the Gold Coast Government re-organised the Department into the Department of Information, and transformed it into an effective Government information disseminating unit to bridge the communication gap between the government and the governed.

After the February 24 Revolution in 1966, the then Ministry of Information and the Department of Information Services was merged to become the Central publicity Agent of the Government.

The Department was split in 1971 to become Public Relations Secretariat and the Public Relations Department which is now known as the Ministry of Information and the Information Services Department respectively. It was re-structured to disseminate information on government policies and programmes.