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The following are some of the major public education campaigns undertaken by the Department.

1950-51 Legislative Assembly elections

1954 Legislative elections

1956 UN Plebiscite on the Togo-Land question

1956 General elections for the Independence Parliament

1960 Referendum on Republican Status/Presidential Elections

1960 First National Population Census

1960 Swollen shoot campaign

1956-60 Volta River Dam travelling exhibition

1960 The Congo Expedition: on UN demand, to entertain Ghanaian troops and local Congolese

1969 General Elections for the Second Republic Parliament

1970 Family Planning campaign

1974 Operation Keep Right

1979 Parliamentary and Presidential elections

1982 Akuafo Cheque Campaign

1986 District Assembly elections

1995 Value Added Tax

2001-2006 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government

2007 Redenomination of the Cedi

2009-2006 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of Government

2018 GRA Tax Education Campaign/Census of Agriculture

2019 Referendum on the creation of six new districts

2019-2020 National Identification Authority (Ghana Card)

2020 Covid-19